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Railways Products

Moulded Rubber Components for LHB Coaches

WRM is a Exporter, manufacturer and distributor of rubber products, rubber moulded products, air duct boot, uic type rubber vestibule, rubberised wheels

Rubber axle spring

Rubber spring

Link bush

Conical rubber spring

Radius arm rubber bush

Rubber axle apring

Moulded rubber

Dual hardness rail rad

Composite groove rubber rail pad

Studded rubber rail pad

Studded rubber rail pad

Air duct boot for locomotive

Indian Railways other products

  • Air brake hoses & hose assemblies
  • Groove rubber sole plates
  • Upper & lower rubber washer
  • Air duct boot
  • Rubber vestibule
  • Side bearer pad
  • Elastomeric pad
  • Side bear pad
  • High capaity rubber buffer spring
  • Silent block
  • Pivot washer
  • Air duct boot

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